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Born and raised in Santa Cruz, California, I have lived in the Aptos hills for the past forty-one years.  A background in ceramics, graphic arts and oil pastels have contributed to my "eye" for design.  Locally educated, I attended SCHS, Cabrillo College, San Jose State and have participated in the graphics program at UCSC. 


Over the past fifteens years I have participated in many regional, as well as national art shows and have been fortunate to have been selected for several awards.


My jewelry designs are contemporary and sophisticated and of a larger scale.  There is an Afro/Asian, as well as strong architectural presence.  My primary concern is the proportional and aesthetic balance between the finished necklace and the individual involved.  


My modern compositions are created from an eclectic selection of old, new, ethnic, and found beads from various cultures. The fine silver beads used are made in Thailand, hand selected or fabricated according to my designs and specs.  Due to the age and orgin of some of the beads there are often "flaws".  I value imperfections, and when possible, I incorporate them into my designs.


I design and create each and every necklace.  I have no assistants.


The individual size and weight of the design is inconsequential.  The importance is the "statement" and the "attitude". 


I remain... your basic "black dress" advocate.


*** A great many necklaces are quite heavy and large.  Yet...balanced.  Many "flaws" (tarnishes, markings, dents, etc...) have been included as "active participants" in the individual designs.  Please...if you have any questions regarding my work, do not hesitate to email me.  I encourage you to do so.  

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